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The Cliffs of Moen

Moen island surrounded by the green water, offers some of the most dramatic scenery in Denmark. It is difficult to reproduce in words or pictures the dizzy feeling it is to stand at the foot of cliffs and watch the giant chalk cliffs, shoulder to shoulder rises above the sea.

Castle Gables, Queen Chair, Summer Spire and Great Speecher is obvious poetic names for the distinctive rock formations, which the sea over thousands of years has shaped and made ​​inroads in.


It’s not a completely safe experience to walk along the cliffs; through the years  parties of the cliff crash into the sea, but for the moderate adventurous the permanent stairs with 497 steps is an great unforgettable experience.

The Cliffs of Moen is one of the very few places in Denmark where they have found traces of dinosaurs, and with a patient, concentrated effort, you can be so incredibly lucky to find a dinosaur tooth on the beach, among the many other species of fossils Also the Geocenter on top of the cliff gives you a unique insight into the natural history, geology and wildlife.